This post will be, for the most part, only pictures, but first, a little introduction:  As I mentioned before, I am currently doing a Shakespeare course with the Open University.  The tutorials for this are in Glasgow and so are very easy to get to from the station so, so far at least, I have managed to all of them.  At my last tutorial, as my Mum and I were walking up from the station, I spotted a new Forever 21 shop, which is a name I know from the various blogs I read, but since I tend to get most of my clothes in charity shops or on eBay, I didn’t go in.  However, the fact that I called my Mum’s attention to it allowed her to notice the Paperchase shop next to it!  Obviously, stationary is something that you can’t get second hand (even if they haven’t been written in, why would you NOT want fresh new stationary???) and so we obviously HAD to go in.  We did buy some things, but a lot of the time was spent just reveling in all the memorabilia they had!  We had to go back after the tutorial as there wasn’t enough time to browse before!  Here are some of the things that caught my attention…








I have another tutorial this Saturday, the day after my birthday…  There may be more pictures to come….

By theeclecticgeekchic

3 comments on “Paperchase!

  1. Hello Jane

    How lovely to find you have a blog now. I have ‘known’ your Mum and bits about your family for ages. All her fans wait for the usual notification of a post from her but it’s been quite a while so I thought I’d click just to be sure my subscription hadn’t been lost in the air somehow. And here you are. Brilliant. Another super blog to add to my list of the ones I view regularly. I’m only sad that I didn’t discover it sooner.

    If we had a Parperchase branch I’d go for one of those gorgeous flowered bottles. Mine (same shape, Swiss made) is plain old black.

    • Hi 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, and sorry it’s taken me a while to respond! I can only hope my blog lives up to the standards set by my Mum’s blog! I have been told we write in a similar style, though…

  2. I love this blog about Paperchase, I’ve recently started working there and it’s great to know people love the products so much! Those bottles are super cute and we have some really cute mini rubbers in too 🙂

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