Because I wasn’t sure what subject these things would come under, I decided just to make a blog post which would be able to cover all of them. Image


First of all, here is an adorable pup I met in Pets At Home!  I always like to take pictures of cute pups when I meet them!


But here’s my own cute pup, in the family’s new Summerhouse! (I’m not laying claim to the summerhouse as I’ve barely been out in it since it was made, a fact that my mother wants to change, but I think she’ll be understanding when she knows I’ve been doing this blogpost when I could have been out there!)


And here is the prettiest little cat in the world, ever!  She spends an increasing amount of time in my room…


Although not all cute animals I take picture of have to be real, animate animals… This badger would be cute anyway, but with the apron and dishwashing gloves on…


And sometimes the animals are just so cute, I have to bring them home (Unfortunately, this is allowed considerably more frequently with the inanimate ones…)  This is Oscar Wildebeast (get it?) who I spotted in Sainsbury’s and surprisingly (certainly my parents later admitted to surprise at this) didn’t bring home until the next time I was in!


On a non-cute related note, but another thing I’m very fond of, a food related development!  This is the family’s new pancake maker.  So far it has only been used once but hopefully that will change soon…


Another new thing, related to a favourite thing… My Mum and I finally built my new bookcase for my new (ish) room!  Although we were just piling the books and DVDs on without any thought for categorising, I had to put all my Tamora Pierce books together and in order!  I will write a post about her books soon…  Also, that’s a leaflet about different things on at the Edinburgh Playhouse, not a program for Cats… I’m not generally a fan of modern musicals, but Les Miserables is a different matter, and one that will be discussed in a post once I’ve got the Blu-ray and so can illustrate it with photos!

I was going to include my recent trip to Paperchase in Glasgow in this post, but when I saw how many photos I wanted to use in it, I thought I’d better do that separately, but it will follow very soon!


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