Let’s let the old year die with a fond goodbye

In my family we don’t really celebrate new year (although we now watch this song for it!), but I, personally, like the idea of the whole year stretching out ahead…. or maybe I just like the thought of a new diary!


In fact, I like diaries SO much that I spotted this one after this other one had already been, at my request, put aside as a Christmas present!

ImageAnd this year, I have something else to play with!  A Filofax!


My Mum got one and so, obviously, I had to get one too!  We’re very bad influences on each other when it comes to stationery!  Only MY Filofax is smaller and cuter… Of course, I don’t have quite as much to do, so not quite as much I have to write in…

I am slightly obsessed with stationery…. Partly it’s because I write books etc and although I like to write the actual things on my computer, I prefer to write my notes by hand (I’m weird, I know).  But partly it’s just that they look so good!  I got a stack for Christmas…


And then just FOUR DAYS LATER I went into Sainsbury’s and got this pile!


On that particular excursion, my Mum and I were being bad influences on each other again…

Other new things:

I signed up for another Open University course!


I’m currently studying the Myth course featured in the photo, but, as you will know from the previous post, I LOVE Shakespeare!  I’m really excited about doing them both – there will be a bit of an overlap…

Also, I’m currently in the process of swapping rooms with my parents!


These are my blu-rays (the ones not currently downstairs from showing to the rest of the family…) and a few DVDs all packed up ready to move through!  Expect a blog post about my new room once the swap is complete…

Now, originally I’d planned that this would be a cute things post, so as to alternate geekieness with squeeing…  But new year seemed such a good way to lead into a stationery post because of the diary thing.  I will, however, include some cute things now.  Of course… some of you may consider Joseph Gordon-Levitt and/or Zooey Deschanel to count as cute things!


I know Susie has already been featured in a post, but she looks SO beautiful here, I had to include her again!


The previously un-shown Mimi lying on the stairs.  She’s adorable, but a little brute!


And Daisy, again!  Look at that little tongue!

OK, I think that’s all for this year!

By theeclecticgeekchic

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